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The aims of CAWRA are:-

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Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday each month

Venue - Cloverfield Church and Community Centre at 7:30PM for refreshments with meeting starting at 8:00 PM
Future dates :-

Thursday 25th October 2018
Thursday 22nd November 2018

Thursday 24th January 2019
Thursday 28th February 2019
Thursday 28th March 2019
Thursday 25th April 2019
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 Bergamot Play Area garden work 10/10/2018
The members of the CAWRA Gardening Group planted up areas of the Bergamot play area to brighten up the area.
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    Breckland Good Causes Lottery

The Breckland ‘Good Cause’ Lottery has been launched today and tickets are now ready to buy.
We hope that you will purchase these which all greatly benefit the CAWRA area.
Click on images below for more details

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There is a freedom of information request with a request for details of the licensed HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) in Thetford Click here for the link to the file it makes interesting reading.

AGM report 2017 - 2018 - please click the following links for reports - Chairman's Report , Treasurer's Report & Annual Financial Statement.

Latest news following the recent AGM we would like to welcome 2 new commitee members :- Rebecca Tate - Project Coordinator & Chris Wallis - Membership Secretary

We also have a new group the Gardening Group which will be improving the estate with various gardening projects in the future, Martin Fancourt has taken on responsibility for cordination of the group. The gardening group and the litter pick group have new logos as below. So please keep an eye open for the logo as we undertake projects and litter picks on the estate.

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Next Litter Pick Friday 19th & Saturday 20th October
Meeting at 10:30 at Cloverfield Community Church

Proposed Community Garden Project 2018/2019

It is intended to create a Community Garden on the (current) wasteland adjacent to the Cloverfield Church and Community Centre car park area. This area extends from Charlock Road to Green Lane and is approximately 2000 Sq Metres in area (shaded area below).

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The Committee is keen to receive ideas and views from the CAWRA members, residents and tenants regarding layout, features and ‘furnishings’ etc. for this project.

Please consider that the successful implementation of this project will provide a peaceful and reflective communal area and ‘clean up’ a current eyesore.

Items that are not allowed to be incorporated into any design are hedges, ‘closed’ fencing, benches, ‘clustered’ shrubbery, water features etc. There will be no ball games, cycling and similar allowed.

Your views, opinions and ideas are most welcome as, together, we feel that we can create something we can be proud of for years to come by offering this consultation.

  If you wish to participate please provide your name and contact number / email address together with your ideas, views, opinions and even designs if you have any on the form that can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this section deadline for suggestions 7th September.

Click here to go to the form for adding your comments or suggestions.

Click here to download a form in pdf format.

Here is a link to a page with 2 suggestions from residents.

Bergamot Play Area Update

Our thanks go to Roz Barnett, Amenities, Land and Property Officer at Thetford Town Council and her work team

for the two new notices placed at the entrances to the Bergamot Children's Play Area.

These notices were produced and successfully installed just a few days after being requested by CAWRA in mid-March.

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 Norfolk County Council to charge for DIY Waste

Norfolk County Council will be charging for "DIY Waste" from 1st April 2018 so if you have any items it might be a good idea to dispose of them before then as the charges are quite high. I wonder what this will do to the fly tipping problems we already have.

Go to the Norfolk County Council page here.

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Barriers on Green Area Adjacent to Bergamot Play Area

 Following continuing discussions with Breckland District Council Environment Officer Stephen Hitchman from March 2107, the damaged and rotten old fencing near to the Bergamot children’s play area on the Willows was replaced over a period of ten days in November 2017 by council contractors SERCO.
The old fencing had been subjected to being walked on and kicked over as the burial of the posts was quite shallow. The new 4” x 4” posts are securely installed 3 feet minimum in depth utilising heavy duty metal anchors and set into dense concrete.
As there are no connecting sections to walk on between the new posts they should easily outlast the previous ones which had been in situ since 2000.
Any tampering with the new posts will be prosecuted as criminal damage.
CAWRA’s thanks go to Mr Hitchman for maintaining the agreement to replace the old fencing and the SERCO team for a job well done!

  Images from recent activities
see below for details of activities
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New Team members always wanted.
CAWRA Litter Pick Co-ordinator Rex Ingle welcomes anyone wishing to join his litter picking team or assist with regular letter picks in the CAWRA area.

Next Litter Pick

The litter pick for October is on Friday 19th & Saturday 20th.

Meet at 10:30 at the Cloverfield Community Church Car park

Below are reports from our activities on various parts of the estate
    Litter Pick 13-5-2017

The following people kindly gave up there time to help with our litter pick

Malcolm Neale, Margot Wilson, Rex Ingle, Sheila Wright, Robert Whittaker, Maryam and Ed

O’Connor, Councillor John Newton, Neil Glen, Reverend Helen Jary, Bob Baldwin, Carl and Guy Wheeler, Felicity Gabriel, Sue and Richard Clark, Tom Duchesne, Janice Butler, Catherine Eggleton (Breckland District Council)

In total 25 bags of litter were collected.
   Litter Picks 17th & 18th November 2017

A litter pick spread over 2 days.
 Litter Pick  5th & 6th January 2018

The litter pick was over 2 days with the first day on the area of the estate closest to Green Lane and the second day clearing a length of Green Lane in total we collected approx. 35 bags of rubbish mostly beer cans and bottles plus a lawnmower, traffic cone, car wheels, parts of kitchen cabinets & various garden items.
Litter Pick 16th & 17th February

Another of our 2 day litter picks (we pick for approx. 1.5 hours on each day). With 9 pickers on Friday & 5 on Saturday we collected a large amount of rubbish including large childrens toys, carpet, plastic roofing sheets and a wheelchair. Once again thanks to Rex for organising the litter pick. If you are interested in helping the next pick will be posted here and on our Facebook page.


Below are various documents available from our archive.
Click on the required document section below to view these documents
Note pages will open in a new window.

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Your Committee
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 Rob Butler
 Felicity Gabriel
Treasurer - Vice Chair
 Andy Temple
 Chris Wallis
Membership Secretary

   {short description of image}  {short description of image}  {short description of image}  
   Rebecca Tate
Project Coordinator
Martin Fancourt
Gardening Group Coordinator
Rex Ingle
Litter Pick Coordinator

 Local Thetford Castle Ward Councillors
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  Jane James
07747 132739
Civic Links, Finance, Planning
 John Newton
07788 381783
Allotments, Amenities/Road Safety, Cemetery, Finance, Planning
also a Breckland District Councillor
  Roy Brame
07788 381765
Finance, Personnel/Health & Safety, Planning, Venues, Events & Marketing
also a Breckland District Councillor and a Norfolk County Councillor
  Stuart Wright
01842 754166
Civic Links, Planning, Venues, Events & Marketing

Below is a map of the area covered by CAWRA

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Cloverfield, The Willows and St. Andrews are in the Castle Ward of Thetford Town Council
Click here for a map showing the area covered by the Castle Ward
and here for a list of street names in the Castle Ward

Our Gratitude to the following

CAWRA is very grateful to the following for their kind and continuing active support:-

 {short description of image}  For allowing and encouraging our promotional days in their main store and for their generous ongoing working partnership in the CAWRA area
 {short description of image} For generously designing, producing and providing the large CAWRA banner to assist our promotional events. Their ongoing support is greatly appreciated. 
 {short description of image}  For supplying translation of the CAWRA promotional ‘flyer’ and including the translated flyer document within their welcome packs for Buyers and Tenants of properties in the CAWRA area.

Who’s responsible … and for what …

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Thetford Town Council is responsible for :-
- Allotments
- Cemetery
-Guildhall/Carnegie/St Peters Church
- Castle Street & Cage Lane Public Toilets
-Cleaning of the Bus Station Toilets
- New litter and dog fouling bins
The council makes comments on all planning applications and - although Breckland District Council make the final decision – they do take any Parish Council’s views into account.
email: mail@thetfordtowncouncil.gov.uk
Tel: 01842 754247

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Breckland District Council is responsible for :-
- Litter / Dog Fouling / Waste
- Abandoned vehicles
- Streetlighting
- Noise or nuisance
email: contactus@breckland.gov.uk
Tel: 01362 656870

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Norfolk County Council Highways Department
is responsible for :-
- Highways
- Potholes
- Paths & Underpasses
- Roads
- Street Lighting
-Thetford BusStation Toilets Maintenance
email: information@norfolk.gov.uk
Tel: 03448 008020

Links - Click on Logos below to go to web sites

  {short description of image}  Fix My Street -
Can be used to report items like street lights not working etc.

{short description of image}
 Write ToThem -
Enter your postcode for the contact details of local & national politicians.
   {short description of image}
 Norfolk County Council -
Responsible for :- social services, trading standards, fire and rescue, transport and education
   Breckland Logo  Breckland Council - Responsible for :-
Tax collection (Council Tax & Non-Domestic Rates)
Leisure Services
Refuse collection
Housing Planning
Arts & Entertainment
Environmental Health
   Thetford Town Council Logo  Thetford Town Council - Responsible for :-
local services, help and support for residents,
local businesses, organisations and events.
Also on the home page is a link to subscribe to the council email newsletter.
   CAB Logo  Citizens Advice Bureau:-
Able to advise on virtually any problem.
We particularly recommend them as a first point
of contact for personal problems.

Below are the various ways to contact CAWRA

To send a membership application please click here

To report an issue to CAWRA (please remember CAWRA cannot become involved in personal issues) please click here

To send a general Email to CAWRA please click here

 Also find us on Facebook
Click on link to go to page  
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